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Fighting nature with nature.

Earth is a delicate ecosystem. One day, you’re managing a thriving crop. The next, it’s wiped out by pests and disease. These are the very real threats facing the global agriculture industry—along with traditional chemical solutions that are becoming not only less effective, but also more heavily regulated and difficult to produce.

Enter our proprietary antimicrobial peptide (AMP) technology. It’s rooted in biology. So when pathogens attack, they’re met head on and destroyed by an organic defense system fortified by natural building blocks.

Grow a more sustainable future.

We’re on a mission to improve global food security by helping agriculture partners reduce waste, improve productivity, and develop healthy, reliable food sources.

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Our collaboration with the USDA,
and why we’re poised to revolutionize crop care.


It’s well established that Aspergillus flavus, a fungus known to produce cancer-causing aflatoxins, is a serious threat to the global corn supply. In 2018, after a thorough search by the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Genvor and the USDA signed a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) to help control aflatoxins in food and feed supply.

This exclusive partnership is funding the research and development of corn varieties with resistance to this deadly pathogen and the resulting preharvest contamination of aflatoxins. And, crucially, a key CRADA objective is the commercialization of Genvor’s technology for use with multiple commodity and high-value crops.

Why is the USDA teaming up with Genvor? Confidence. In our 40 years of scientific research in the field of AMPs. In our solutions’ potential to provide broad spectrum effectiveness. In our ability to not only amplify a crop’s resistance to disease, but to also enhance its nutritional value. And in our drive to do so in a healthy, sustainable, future-forward way.

It’s all about the AMPs.

AMPs (antimicrobial peptides) are naturally occurring molecules innately produced as a first line of defense by all multicellular organisms. In plants, AMPs play a key role in resisting infection by bacteria and fungi. The challenge is plant peptides lack the ability to adapt, leaving crops increasingly vulnerable to invasive and aggressive pathogens.

At Genvor, we design crop-specific AMPs that fill in the gaps of a plant’s natural defense system. When pathogens attack, the peptides react, destroying them directly at the cellular level and eliminating the opportunity to develop resistance.

Our broad spectrum technology is unrivaled in the market and on the cusp of playing an essential role within integrated plant management systems. Our IP-heavy approach protects our proprietary science. In addition, we have secured U.S. patents covering nine peptides, including all key peptides used in today’s R&D pipeline. A patent for 16 additional peptides is also pending.

Long-term Resistance

Pathogens can develop increased resistance to fungicides. The way AMPs work, resistance is rare and will not increase over time.

Fast to Market

Crop management is heavily regulated. The organic nature of AMPs provides a favorable path to market.

Safe for All

With little impact on human or animal cells, AMPs are safe for the environment, workers, livestock, and consumption.

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